MOVIE REVIEW: Girlfriend For Hire (2016)

10 GFFH 02

Directed by Vanessa U. De Leon

Supposedly, Girlfriend For Hire should have been released on the fourth quarter of 2015, but due to unknown reasons. VIVA Films decided to release it in time for the Valentine’s day. Based on the best-selling Wattpad novel by Yam-Yam28, Girlfriend for Hire or GFFH stars Yassi Pressman and Andre Paras in a fairy tale-like story.

The film is your typical Pinoy love story in the getting to know each other stage where love and hate plays in. Andre as the rich and popular Bryle and Yassi as the poor but beautiful Nami. The two work quite well together probably because this isn’t their first time working with each other.

Imagine Fifty Shades of Grey minus the eroticism, you get Girlfriend For Hire. It puts in this desire of women for romance in a grand scale, rich, powerful and broken. That even though the guy is as jerk as he could be, there’s the girl who will fix him and give him love. I blame Twilight for this but it’s being a trend in Wattpad novels and it’s getting out of hand.

The film may satisfy the fans of the novel and of the stars but there’s just too much forced characterization in here. The two are just in there college years, Nami (Pressman) is intelligent enough to know that she has other options. Bryle is too rich and too young to actually be pressured with marriage. But as this is a Wattpad adaptation and the fans seem to love the story, altering it might go the wrong way.

But if you can get past its shallow conflicts and focus on its youthful vibe, you might enjoy the film. Paras looks comfortable with his character and moves that his charms works as the rich and handsome leading man. Pressman is perky enough to pass as the sweet poor damsel in distress.

Treat it as a dream sequence, a fantasy for romance and you might appreciate the film. But if you’re hoping to see a film that treats it as if writing actually mattered, then you’ll have a hard time enjoying it. It’s not the worst Wattpad adaptation but it is also not the best.

10 Girlfriend For Hire


2 Stars

“Girlfriend For Hire” is now showing in Philippine cinemas from SMDC and VIVA Films. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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