Feel The Tension in Breakout Philippines’ ‘HUSH: A Live Action Escape Room Game Experience’

The reviews are in, and movie fans worldwide are on the edge of their seats waiting for the upcoming thriller “Don’t Breath”. Opening August 31, we meet three young robbers who break into the house of a wealthy blind man. It is the perfect heist gone shockingly wrong. Once inside,  the robbers become prey as the violent blind man hunts them down using sound and movement.

It is with much pride that Breakout Philippines, together with Columbia Pictures Philippines, present HUSH: a LIVE Suspense Thriller Escape Room Experience inspired by the film, “Don’t Breath”.

Breakout Philippines creates  premier escape room games in the country; with masterfully crafted themed rooms and well thought-out storylines. HUSH allows participants experience Breakout at a whole new level. This newest escape room puts you in the middle of terror as an actor inspired by the movie’s blind man roams around the rooms to impede your progress. You have 45 minutes to find the blind man’s money and escape. But he knows you’re there. He’s stretching his hands out to reach you. And if he gets to you, you know you’re done for. Don’t move. Don’t make a sound. Don’t even breathe.

Since Hush opened last July 29, Breakout fans have been getting their adrenaline pumped by primal fear. The live thriller room is full of action, terror, and shocking surprises along the way.

“Don’t Breath” tells the story of how a perfect heist goes terribly wrong. HUSH lets you find out firsthand whose lives are really in danger.

Play, watch, then prove beyond a doubt that you don’t need a house full of ghosts to scare the living daylights out of you. “Don’t Breath”  and HUSH are definitely not for the faint of heart. Do you have what it takes to make it out alive?

31 Don't Breathe

“Don’t Breath” opens in cinemas on August 31, distributed by Columbia Pictures Philippines. 

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