Shang Presents Cine Europa the 19th European Film Festival

Shangri-La Plaza continues the celebration of their 25th year as the metro’s top lifestyle destination with the 19th Cine Europa (European Film Festival). For 2016, Cine Europa is featuring over 20 different films ranging from drama, comedy, thrillers and more. The anticipated films will be showing from September 8 to 18 at the Shang Cineplex.


Austrian film Brothers of the Wind is a powerful tale of hope and discovery about a boy named Lukas who developed a strong bond with an eagle that fell from its nest, which he cared for and named Abel. All Cats Are Grey (Tous les chats sont gris) is a Belgian film about a rebellious upper class teenager named Dorothy and a kind-hearted amateur detective named Paul who also happens to be her biological father. She asks for his help to find her dad, not knowing Paul is the man she’s looking for. Meanwhile, another film from Belgium, With Friends Like These (Dagen zonder lief), shows how the return home of the character named Black Kelly disrupts the life of her old friends and causes them some trouble.

Bulgarian film Love & Engineering is about Atanas, a computer engineer who develops a formula to find the perfect wife. He uses other engineers as guinea pigs and sends them out to test his theories in the real world.

Czech Republic’s Normal: The Düsseldorf Ripper is about Peter Kuerten, a brutal serial killer who turns himself over to the police, and a young lawyer Justus Wehner who takes on his case but finds himself losing control as he studies the killer’s mind. A Second Chance from Denmark, on the other hand, is about two best friends who are both detectives trying to solve a case brought about by a junkie couple.

Summertime (Kesäkaverit) from Finland is a warm-hearted and funny movie about how friendship stands strong despite the individual hardships of 25-year old Karoliina, Iiris, and Eeva. French films also make an appearance through Being 14 (‘A 14 ans) which is about three high school seniors, Sarah, Jade and Louise, who try to deal with the torments of adolescence. While in Pater, we see Vincent Lindon and Alain Cavalier film each other and portray characters they invented together.

German films Beloved Sisters (Die geliebten Schwestern) and Stereo are also part of the line-up. In Beloved Sisters, a love triangle of sorts forms between aristocratic sisters Caroline and Charlotte and a writer named Friedrich Schiller. Meanwhile, Stereo tells the story of seemingly average guy, Erik, whose ideal life suddenly runs off the rails when intruders start disrupting it.

From Italy, Of Sinners and Saints is about a young Italian priest named Leonardo who was assigned to counsel battered women and teach English to children in Payatas, Metro Manila. There he meets his former lover, Merlinda, and tries to save her from an abusive husband. Amici Miei or My Friends, shows four middle-aged friends who are trying to prolong childhood by organizing idle pranks called “gypsy shenanigans.”

De Marathon from the Netherlands tells the story of best friends Gerard, Leo, Kees and Nico trying to find a sponsor who will pay them to run the Rotterdam marathon in the hopes of saving their garage business from bankruptcy. Norwegian film The Liverpool Goalie is about 12-year old Jo who is desperately searching for a rare football card which he believes will solve all his problems while Kon-Tiki is about the legendary expedition across the Pacific Ocean of Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl.

Inspired by a true story, Carte Blanche from Poland is about a beloved history teacher who tries to hide the fact that he is about to become permanently blind due to a genetic disease so he can keep his dream job and continue helping his students. Mom and Other Loonies in the Family (Anyám és más futóbolondok a családból) is a screenplay from Hungary that tells the story of an odd family during the 20th century filled with heartwarming and mischievous events.

From Romania, Selfie is about three fresh graduates from high school, Yasmine, Roxi and Ana, who go on a trip to live out a rebellious teenage lifestyle, breaking the rules without thinking of the consequences. Bucuresti Nonstop tells the story of four ordinary people caught in extraordinary situations, but one thing they have in common is Achim’s 24/7 NonStop store.

Slovakian film, Stanko, is a tragicomic movie that deals with the themes of women trafficking, and the universal bonds of people marginalized by society. Spanish film Miguel y William shows the affairs of a woman named Leonor de Vibero with iconic writers William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes. The film from Sweden, Unga Sophie Bell or Young Sophie Bell tells the story of how two best friends dream of living in Berlin but their plans change after Alice disappears, and Sophie sets out on a journey full of exciting discoveries. The Lady in the Van from United Kingdom is about the relationship between renowned writer Alan Bennett and Miss Shepherd who “temporarily” parked her van in Bennett’s London driveway but ended up living there for 15 years.


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