Meet the Speakers of the 2nd Philippine Cinema Sessions

After its successful run last September 2016, Yabang Pinoy’s Philippine Cinema Sessions, the two-day session where participants are offered the opportunity to grasp the ideas, techniques, and processes of acclaimed filmmakers is back with a new set of speakers.

It will be held on September 9 and 10 (Saturday-Sunday) at Globe Tower, Taguig City.

Meet the 9 speakers for the second edition of the Philippine Cinema Sessions:

Chris Martinez

1. Chris Martinez

Comedy is one of the most challenging genres to execute, most think it’s easier to make people cry than to make them laugh.

Journey into the depths of comedy and learn important elements in making a good comedic film from the master storyteller, writer and director Chris Martinez (“Here Comes the Bride”, “Kimmy Dora”) with the topic “Humor Me!: A Talk on How Pinoy Films Earn a Good Laugh”


Prime Cruz

2. Prime Cruz

Filmmaking is a form of storytelling. It should present characters, settings and a story that will captivate the audience.

We will guide you in fishing out the almost invisible line of relationship that connects the filmmaker to the audience from the rockstar director Prime Crisologo Cruz (“Ang Manananggal sa Unit 23B”, “Sleepless”) with the topic “Capturing the Elusive Rapport: The Filmmaker’s Connection Beyond the Screen”

Yabang Pinoy Sari Keith3. Dari Salena & Keith Sicat
Filmmaking is the ultimate form of storytelling. It makes use of almost all artistic elements — music, design, photography, performance. How does a filmmaker balance these? And where does commerce come into consideration?

Let the tandem filmmakers Sari Dalena (Director, “Ang Kababaihan ng Malolos” and “Dahling Nick”) and Keith Sicat (Writer, “The Guerilla is a Poet” and “Ka Oryang”) take you to their personal accounts with the topic “The Overall Balance of Elements in Filmmaking”

Jen Chuaunsu

4. Jen Chuaunsu
‘Writer’s block’ is inevitable. A screenwriter must be equipped to push pass this hurdle and come up with a script that will be great enough to be made into a film.

Discover techniques and strategies in crafting a relatable script from contemporary scriptwriter Jen Chuaunsu (“Can We Still Be Friends”, “Sleepless”) with the topic “On a Pensive Mood: Practical Tips and Best Practices in Writing a Script”

JC Santos
5. JC Santos

How does an actor make us believe of his or her portrayal? What are their secrets to convince us of their close-to-reality acting?

We will see through how actors leave us mesmerized from the multi-talented actor JC Santos (“Sakaling Hindi Makarating”, “100 Tula Para Kay Stella”) with the topic “Breaking the Barriers: The Actor’s Collaborative Process in Carrying Out Versatility and Conviction On Screen”

Samantha Lee
6. Samantha Lee
When, where and how should we discuss gender and sexuality? Is it only in our homes or beyond the walls of it such as in films?

Learn how we visualize gender and sexuality in films and how we accept, tolerate, or neglect them from the peepholes of cinema discourse from the budding director Samantha Lee (“Baka Bukas”) with the topic “Let’s Talk About Sex: Gender and Sexuality as Viewed in Philippine Cinema”

Liza Dino Seguerra
8. Liza Dino-Seguerra
How are we now in the crusade of redeeming the glory of Philippine Cinema? Are we on a rising trend? Do we need reforms and policies to protect the filmmaking industry?

Liza Diño-Seguerra (Chair, Film Development Council of the Philippines) will give us the current situation of the Philippine Cinema industry and how we stand in the international filmmaking scene with the topic “Open the Possibilities: Philippine Cinema and Filmmaking Breakthroughs”

Raymond Red
8. Raymond Red
All of us are called to partake in this quest to contribute to nation-building. Regardless if we are filmmakers or not, as Filipinos we must still do something for the good of our nation.

Come and learn how we are summoned to support local films from the award-winning filmmaker Raymond Red (‘Anino’, ‘Kamera Obskura’, ‘Mga Rebeldeng May Kaso’) with the topic “A Call to Action: How We Can Contribute to the Future of Philippine Cinema”

Bela Padilla
9. Bela Padilla
Films are not just about telling a story. It can also be a medium where ideologies or advocacies are presented. Each element — like words and actions by the actors — presented should contribute to or expound the ideas that the filmmakers are trying to explore.

Discover personal accounts and strategies employed in carrying out the films’ ideas from the multi-talented actress and graduate of Ricky Lee’s Scriptwriting Workshop Bela Padilla (‘100 Tula Para Kay Stella’, ‘Luck at First Sight’, ‘Camp Sawi’) in her talk: ‘The Stories I Tell: How I Narrate Through Words and Actions.’


PHILIPPINE CINEMA SESSIONS is a two-day session which lets the participants have the opportunity to grasp the ideas, techniques and processes of filmmaking from the so-called experts in today’s generation of Philippine Cinema. Furthermore, the two-day session digs deeper on the relevance and importance of film in relation to Nationalism and Filipino-Pride by showing concrete manifestations through some of the masterpieces of the speakers.   As part of Yabang Pinoy’s homegrown project called Rated YP, Philippine Cinema Sessions is positioned to make the participants more aware of the present situation of the industry so that they choose filmmaking as their life mission and to see quality films in the future. As this project will dwell more on motivating artists and fanatics alike, participants are expected to become more resolute on filmmaking not just as a form of self-expression, but more so, a parcel of their life and an extension of their identity as individuals and as a Filipino.


Radiate Hall, 2/F Globe Tower 32nd Street corner 7th Avenue Taguig City Philippines 1643



p style=”text-align:justify;”>5+1 Group Promo – Php9,975.00 with Php45.00 fees
Regular Rate – Php 1,995.00 with Php45.00 fees

Inclusion: Workshop Fee, Participation Kit, Food and Beverage, Certificate and Other Freebies

The 2nd Philippine Cinema Sessions is organized by Yabang Pinoy, a catalyst for nationalism and the pursuit of Filipino excellence.

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