‘Papa Pogi’ is a Comedy Movie Made by Comedians

Because of his experience writer and director Alex Calleja made sure that he gets the right people to star in his debut film ‘Papa Pogi.’ And who else to cast in a comedy movie but individuals who know how to make people laugh.

Papa Pogi

Starring Teddy Corpuz, Donna Cariaga, Myrtle Sarrosa, Lassy, Nonong Ballinan, Dawn Chang, Luke Conde, Nikko Natividad, Zeus Collins and Joey Marquez, Papa Pogi aims to give the audiences their money’s worth through laughs.

Movie ticket prices today are really high that’s why we need to be choosy when it comes to movies. That’s one of the reasons why Regal Entertainment, Inc. and Alex Calleja, the film’s co-writer and director made sure that the upcoming movie Papa Pogi will be worth it.

Watch our video coverage of the Papa Pogi Media Conference below:

‘Papa Pogi’ opens March 20, 2019 in Philippine cinemas from Regal Entertainment, Inc.

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