GMovies brings convenience of purchasing and watching movies at home

Remember the days when GMovies makes it easier and more convenient for us to buy our tickets which saves us plenty of time rather than lining up at the ticket booths? It’s that hassle-free transaction that GMovies offers that gets me at ease when I want to watch a movie.

That feels like a long time ago, right? But as the new normal enters, GMovies adapts to the moviegoers’ needs, and this time with the online streaming of movies.

GMovies now returrns through the UPSTREAM,video streaming platform/app provided by UPSTREAM and GMovies ticketing platform provided by Globe.

Now, movie enthusiasts like me are enjoying the services of GMovies and Upstream as the country’s Best Film Festival for three years in a rowQCinema, can be streamed using GMovies via Upstream.

I have watched a few QCinema entries and the video quality is amazing. There’s an option for closed captioning (depends on the film) for those who like to read while watching. You can also watch a video in picture-in-picture mode so you can multi-task while watching your chosen film.

I’m excited what the GMovies will offer soon as they’ve announced they’re planning to put more contents – local, foreign and Hollywood films, documentaries and even series.

But before that, the annual tradition of the Metro Manila Film Festival this Christmas will continue online via GMovies and Upstream.

But how to purchase?

Step 1: Go to or download the GMovies app on your Android or iOS phones.Step 1:

Step 2: Click your preferred movie which are shown below the “Now Showing” and “Coming Soon” section. (Note: not all movies in the coming soon section has the pay option, it depends on the film’s availability).

Step 3: After clicking Pay P(amount), the screen will go to the payment options. Currently, GMovies accepts payments via GCash, credit or debit card or charge to mobile (load credits on your mobile number), or via voucher code if you have any.

Important reminder: You can start watching your purchased film within 5 days, and you can finish it within 2 days after your first play.

Step 4: Once purchased, you can stream the film right away if the movie is available. If you wish to leave and go back for another time, you can look for your purchased films at the “My Shows” section, located at the upper right side (desktop) or at the lower left side (mobile app) of your screens.

Imagine a website and an app that lets you purchase and watch a movie. And it’s working perfectly! The user interface is pleasant to look at, it’s easy to purchase tickets, and you have the option to change the quality of the content you’re streaming according to the speed of your internet.

It’s a new and exciting streaming platform that could change movie releases in the Philippines.

So download the GMovies app or go to and book your tickets now!

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