#PlayItRight this Christmas while watching MMFF films via Upstream

Movie-viewing this Christmas day is going to be different for us Filipinos. Traditionally, we go out and line-up to cinemas to watch entries to the Metro Manila Film Festival but due to the pandemic, we are forced to stay indoors which led to MMFF moving to the online platform via Upstream.ph.

While Upstream developed its website to be more secure than some streaming sites, they’re still more prone to piracy.

That’s why Globe pushes their anti-piracy campaign #PlayItRight this Christmas season for the Metro Manila Film Festival 2020. Watch the video below:

Always remember that piracy is stealing. Let us not take the chance for the entertainment industry to earn from their work especially now that we are in a pandemic. Always #PlayItRight.

About Play It Right

Advocating Against Piracy

As the purveyor of digital entertainment and lifestyle, #PlayItRight is our anti-piracy campaign aligned with our purpose of creating a Globe of Good. It encourages everyone to firmly stand behind filmmakers and entertainment content creators, to respect their hard work and help sustain their jobs and the lives that depend on it.

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