‘The Gray Man’ Review: Levelling the star power and the action scenes

THE GRAY MAN (2022) Review
Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo

You have two of the hottest bachelors of Hollywood. Not only they are attractive, but they’re also talented. Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans in one action movie might be a dream for most Hollywood filmmakers. Their names ring an instant hit movie. It will only matter though if the film actually succeeds in showcasing the talents of its main actors.

The Gray Man is big, action-packed and quite thrilling. Big because the film’s scope is literally global. Action-packed because it literally has a breathtaking action sequence at the middle and end of the movie. And thrilling because the scenes are well-directed to give the audience an edge-of-your-seat movie experience.

There’s a lot to like about The Gray Man. This is probably the biggest film I’ve seen released on a streaming platform. And the Russo brothers managed to make the film feel like it’s intended for the big screen in terms of action and the scope of the story.

But it also feels like it’s less personal. That the target of the film is to only please its audience with its impressive and over-the-top action scenes. And that also made the film a bit forgettable, that you’re not getting something deeper than its surface after watching the movie.

But hey, if you’re in it just for the explosions, the gun and hand-to-hand combats, The Gray Man will give you and maybe even more than what you’re expecting. But if you wanted something more like a Daniel Craig 007 movie, maybe expect less so you can enjoy the film.


‘The Gray Man’ is now streaming on Netflix. Watch it here: https://www.netflix.com/browse?jbv=81160697

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