Donny Pangilinan leads the cast of first e-sports movie ‘GG’

“This is a movie created by a hundred of people, so, this is a collaboration. I hope you get to support the first e-sport movie in the Philippines not just because it’s an e-sports movie but because it’s a groundbreaking film in itself,” producer Pamela Reyes during the GG (Good Game) movie launch.

Donny Pangilinan stars alongside Baron Geisler, all-star barkada (Igiboy Floresir Johannes Rissler, Gold Aceron, Kaleb Ong) and his very own mother, Maricel Laxa in the Philippines’ first ever esports movie “GG.” Written and directed by Prime Cruz with Hannah Pangilinan as creative producer. Elaine Lozano as line producer and Create Cinema as producers. Story concept by Zach Aquino. Hannah Pangilinan highlights how vital it is for her to have this kind of concept.

GG, which stands for Good Game, is a barkada sport drama film that aims to bring the thriving Filipino esports landscape, and its ability to build relationships and world-class careers, to the big screen.

This will be the first movie that will feature the real-life mother and son Maricel Laxa and Donny Pangilinan together.

GG also hopes to show that, when balanced, gaming can strengthen family ties, promote friendly competition and lead to great success.

Gamers are often misunderstood in our Filipino culture. Therefore, GG dreams to celebrate how esports barkadas, through teamwork and dedication, have continually defied countless odds and expectations.

GG features an original FPS game called Requiem, modelled after a neo-Manila far in the future.

Mediaworks Inc., Cignal Entertainment and Create Cinema, the producers behind GG, intend to provide world-class entertainment and to elevate the movie industry in standards and process of production.

Watch highlights from the GG movie launch below:

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