John Travolta Returns to Baddie Role in Edge-of-Your-Seat Thriller ‘Criminal Activities’

The worst in “Criminal Activities” is about to unfold in John Travolta’s latest action movie that marks his return to bad boy role when they reunite at a former classmate’s funeral. In “Criminal Activities,” when they reunited at an ex-classmate’s funeral, one mentions to the others inside information on a stock that is a guaranteed lock to make them instant millionaires. Unfortunately, the deal goes south along with their investment. Things go from bad to worse: one of them borrowed his share of the money from a mobster.


              Directed by Oscar-nominated actor Jackie Earle Haley with a solid cast that includes Michael Pitt,  Rebecca Da Costa, Dan Stevens, Rob Brown, Christopher Abbott and  Travis Aaron Wade, “Criminal Activities” is an unpredictable, mind-blowing action thriller that marks Haley’s directorial debut.    

              Asked in recent interviews on how he came to helm the movie, Haley shares that “It really came out of the blue. I got a call from the producer, who is married to my manager. He really felt like I could direct it. He sent me the script and said he would understand if I didn’t respond to it. So, I read it and loved it. I was super excited about it. I called him back within three hours and was like, “I’m in!” When Travolta agreed to come on board, we were off and running.” 

 25 Criminal Activities

              “Criminal Activities” opens this November 25 from OctoArts Films International.

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