‘Love is Blind’ Offers More Than Your Typical Rom-Com

Regal Entertainment, Inc.’s “Love is Blind,” tagged as this year’s riotous love story couldn’t be shown at a more opportune time, February 10, four days short of love day, Valentine’s Day.

The film’s trailer alone is an instant favourite among netizens what with hunk actor Derek Ramsay falling for the charm of petite and plain looking Kiray Celis.

“Love is Blind” takes off from Kiray’s desire to lure Derek into falling in love with her by using a love potion that transforms her into svelte and hot chick Solenn Heussaff.

The rom-com project is ex-sweethearts Derek and Solenn’s first together. It was made possible by the mother and daughter tandem of Regal’s Lily and Roselle Monteverde.

Derek and Solenn met the challenge with much enthusiasm and sooner than they expected, the old flame of friendship was rekindled while they were on the set. As for Kiray, she feels lucky to have paid lip service with Derek on the big screen.

One of the film’s highlights, in fact, is that scene where she and Derek are frolicking on the beach. Their kissing scenes are scene stealers as well but director Jason Paul Laxamana made sure they were done in a comic way.

Aside Derek, Kiray’s lips were “devirginized” in kissing scenes with Kean Cipriano, which she describes were “passive” compared to Derek’s “torrid.”

Other than romance, comedy and laughtrip, the film inspires everyone to never lose hope in love and to believe that no matter how blind, all is still fair in life and love.

Roll with laughter, fall hopelessly in love with the team of Derek, Solenn, Kean and Kiray in 2016’s most hilarious and riotous love story, “Love is Blind,” from the direction of Jason Paul Laxamana, who gave us much acclaimed films like “Magkakabaung” and more.

10 Love is Blind

“Love is Blind” opens February 10 from Regal Entertainment, Inc. Rated G by the MTRCB.

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  1. Just saw the movie ‘Love is Blind’ today in New York today with friends! Can’t stop laughing. Derek, Solenn, Kean and Kiray were all funny. Even our kids were laughing!

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