MOVIE REVIEW: Miracles From Heaven (2016)

Directed by Patricia Riggen

From the humble success of Heaven is For Real, Sony decided to follow up with the another faith-inspired story about family. Miracles From Heaven though isn’t as charming as Heaven is For Real with its cute lead boy, journeying life after a miraculous healing that happened to him. The story isn’t familiar but its treatment is almost.

The film is sentimental to a fault. And though we do appreciate inspirational movies, we appreciate more well-written stories, the ones that doesn’t need to oversell its themes that its narrative is greatly affected by the intention of highlighting one’s journey of faith in a non-personal way. It might get in the way of the film’s main objective but as the film is based on true story, they are real characters. We do want something more than the surface if it is something about faith, about the views of the protagonist on life and after life, of the known and unknown.

Jennifer Garner doesn’t have the motherly looks but it is still effective as her role, she knows the characters and let her inner mother out. Other characters are good as well but Queen Latifah is underused here. She puts a charm once her character enters but hardly makes an impact that you’ll just question, “That’s it?” Miracles From Heaven offers decent drama, quite prolonged at times but its heartfelt ending makes up for it.

Miracles From Heaven


2.5 Stars

“Miracles From Heaven” opens March 16 in Philippine cinemas nationwide from Columbia Pictures. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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