Arnold Schwarzenegger Looking Forward to Another ‘Terminator’ Film

After a disappointing run at the cinemas of Genisys, the Terminator series’ fate is yet to be told but with a recent interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger, we might have an answer, for now.

Terminator Arnold

While talking with Channel 9 in Australia (via Telegraph), the action star was asked about the chances another Terminator film is made. His answer was simply, “I’m looking forward to it, absolutely.” That’s hardly an official confirmation, but it does indicate that Paramount has not completely killed the project yet. If that were the case, Schwarzenegger would most likely have a different response, perhaps one reflecting on the failings of Genisysand why it’s best to not go back.

The first two Terminator films have been well-received by the critics and the audience which lead to its box-office success. The third one was fine but wasn’t as successful as its predecessors and the fourth one, Genisys was Paramount’s attempt in reviving the franchise and make it bigger for this generation to know Schwarzenegger’s legacy and to make money, of course.

We’ll update you about this if there are further news.

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