MOVIE REVIEW: Unlucky Plaza (2014)

UNLUCKY PLAZA (2014) Review
Directed by Ken Kwek

If we’re talking about the talent of Epy Quizon, we’ll probably bore you with how good he is in the movie. But Unlucky Plaza is more than that, more, that it actually feels long and tedious at times.

The story, while best not to deviate from it because it is based on real events, is hard to be engaged at. Mainly because it has no focus and that most of its sequences are too long. But when the film goes raw, you’ll find something amazing in it, especially with Quizon’s performance, everything just goes thrilling. But the way the film built its climax is kind of messy that some of it are just unnecessary.

The film has enough surprises, family drama, the infamous situations in Filipino television dramas which is hostage taking  and infidelity to interest the audience leading to its crazy climax. If not for its talented cast, the film wouldn’t be as fun as it would be. It’s far from being an outstanding film but the story and actors are worth the look.



2.5 Stars

“Unlucky Plaza” is now showing in Philippine cinemas nationwide, locally distributed by VIVA Films. Rated R-16 by the MTRCB.

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