Lem Lorca Films, Unlucky Plaza & Gino M. Santos Films at Cinema ’76

This month Cinema ’76 Film Society presents works from some of the most promising independent filmmakers here and abroad.

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Currently playing until May 12 are films from award-winning director Lem Lorca. Among these films are, Lorca’s “Water Lemon” starring Junjun Quintana, Tessie Tomas, and Alessandra de Rossi and his Cinemalaya 2012 entry “Into Syokoy” starring JM de Guzman, LJ Reyes, and Joross Gamboa.

From May 13 to May19, Singaporean director Ken Kwek takes the spotlight with his recent film “Unlucky Plaza”.  The comedy thriller about a desperate man and a hostage taking gone awry had its premiere in the prestigious Toronto Film Festival last year. The film, which stars Epy Quizon in a critically acclaimed performance, had its local theatrical run last month. Audiences who might have missed the chance to see “Unlucky Plaza” will have the opportunity to catch the film with its guaranteed one week run at Cinema ’76.

Finally, from May 20 thru May 26, the first two films by Gino M. Santos –“The Animals” and “#Y” — will be screened. Since that time, he has directed “Ex With Benefits,” “Lila,” and the forthcoming film “Love Me Tomorrow” with Piolo Pascual.

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