ToFarm Film Festival Reviews, Part 1

The first ToFarm Film Festival has begun. With six entries which will be screened at SM Megamall and SM North EDSA Cinemas from July 13 to 19, it’s a different kind of film festival that aims to promote the local agriculture industry.

From the six entries, here’s the first part of our reviews(Click the titles to view the trailers):

Poster Kakampi
by Victor Acedillo, Jr.

Ben (Neil Ryan Sese), goes back to his hometown to take care of his grandparent’s farm which mostly produces Lanzones, but he expected more from his visit. The problems of his characters are told decently but it doesn’t get to feel heavy for the characters especially Ben. The film’s fantasy side is quite interesting but it was presented plainly.

Victor Acedillo, Jr.’s family drama Kakampi does have something to tell, but it doesn’t get to be interesting enough that you feel nothing from the film. Neil Ryan Sese is a great actor, from theatre, to TV, to film, he delivers. But the film doesn’t have a deep emotional story that his character doesn’t seem to be giving a story worth telling. But you get to somehow appreciate nature in the film’s message, the importance of being one with Mother Earth. That may be the main point of the movie. The film’s harmless though, but also doesn’t have something solid to offer.

Poster Pilapil
by Jojo Nadela

Victor (James Blanco), after a heist with his gang gets ambushed and survived along with a boy, Buknoy who’s seemingly blind. The two bonded as they try to escape the cops which are dirty tailing them. That sounded simple in words, but how the film was told visually is a mess. It tries to insert clichés and twists in the story that it turned into a circus.

Jojo Nadela’s action thriller Pilapil is a bit confusing. Not just because the only reason you may think of as the film being part of the ToFarm Film Festival is its setting, but because out of more than 60 entries, it was chosen to be part of the film festival. The film is weirdly conceptualized, you get to be confused if it wants to be an action thriller or a family drama, but you get both in the end. It may sound like a treat but the story is sloppy and ridiculous. It’s ambitious but it doesn’t get to be decently told

Poster Paglipay

Atan, played by Gerry Cabalic who is a native Aeta in Zambales, pursues his long-time friend Ani, played by Joan dela Cruz, also a native Aeta in Zambales, the two must get married as tradition when two Aetas are seen together, they need to be wed automatically or they will be a disgrace in their tribe. But more than that, Atan needs to complete a dowry for him to wed Ani. Though the two clearly likes each other, a new face in the community gets Atan’s attention, more than he wanted.

Zig Dulay’s romance film Paglipay gets to have a simple and familiar story. What sets it apart is its authentic presentation of its actors and the beautiful scenery in Zambales. The film provides a charming and heartfelt story that is smoothly written and paced, it is a breeze to watch. It’s honest about the weight of beauty in the eyes of a person and how love is universal but also can choose. The beauty of the film isn’t just on the visuals but also how these characters are written sincerely like they’re someone close to you.

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ToFarm Sked

TOFARM Film Festival runs from July 13 to 19, 2016 at SM Megamall and SM North Edsa. Provincial screenings are slated on August 24 to 30 at SM Angeles Pampanga and SM Cabanatuan; September 14 to 20 at SM Cebu; and October 12 to 18 in SM Davao.

Supporting this film festival is LandBank of the Philippines.

For more information, visit or the festival’s Facebook site, TOFARM Film Festival Philippines.

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