WATCH: Globe Independent Film Festival 5 Short Films

During the launch of the newest film festival in the Philippines, the Globe Independent Film Festival or GIFF for short, Globe released 5 of its 5-minute short films which were directed by today’s sought after filmmakers in the local industry.

‘How to Find Love’ by Quark Henares, ‘Ang Painting ni Tatay’ by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo, ‘Beshie’ by Bb. Joyce Bernal, ‘An Open Door’ by Paul Soriano and ‘Stop. Steady. Sayaw.’ by Dan Villegas.

The GLOBE INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL (GIFF) is Globe’s first foray into cinema, designed to nurture emerging talents in the local filmmaking scene and give them a platform to achieve their creative vision.

Living entirely in the online space, GIFF will feature fresh stories by our newest storytellers, rendered in innovative ways enabled by technology.

“We believe in #kwentonatin—our stories, told well, and we believe you are the best people to tell them.

If you have a story to share, we welcome it.”

Watch ‘How to Find Love’ by Quark Henares:

Watch ‘Ang Painting ni Tatay’ by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo:

Watch  ‘Beshie’ by Bb. Joyce Bernal:

Watch ‘An Open Door’ by Paul Soriano:

Watch ‘Stop. Steady. Sayaw.’ by Dan Villegas:

For more information about #GIFF, you can go to:

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