Pelikulas in 2017, Part 3: The Worsts

While there may have been decent and great films from 2017, there are also bad surprisingly and unsurprisingly. We list down the bad and disappointing films of 2017.

5. RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER (Paul W.S. Anderson, January 2017)

Yes, it happened. And yes, it happened last 2017. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter isn’t the worst of the franchise but it’s as forgettable as the last two installments (Extinction, Afterlife). Writer and director Paul W.S. Anderson can’t seem to produce something good out of a great idea. As it can only present a great action sequence or two but not a film as a whole.

4. THE MUMMY (Alex Kurtzman, June 2017)

Way to ruin a building monster cinematic universe. The reboot of the famous franchise starring Tom Cruise decided to go to a more dramatic direction. And that may not sound as bad as it seems, the whole film is drowning in more trouble than what it could resolve. And what made it worse is that after the critics and audience backlash, the studio blamed its main star Tom Cruise for meddling with the story, making it more of an action adventure rather than a horror story. So yeah, it was bad.

3. TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT (Michael Bay, June 2018)

Okay, so nobody was expecting the new Transformers movie will be good but we pay for to go to the movies and we deserve something at least decent. But no, the recent installments made money even if they were bad, so should Michael Bay listen? He should now. Transformers: The Last Knight may actually be called a flop for not reaching half of what its predecessors earned. Because detailed visuals of robots fighting and massive explosions aren’t enough anymore.

2. ANG GURO KONG ‘DI MARUNONG MAGBASA (Perry Escano, August 2017)

Cinemalaya is a huge thing. And being part of it comes with prestige, that the audience would think that the material has something good in it to be included as an official entry. But Perry Escano’s Ang Guro Kong ‘Di Marunong Magbasa inclusion in the entries is baffling. The execution is the worst you could see in a Filipino film, the dramatic scenes are laughable and the dialogues are ridiculous. I know it means well, the message is there, but it’s just….. bad.

1. RINGS (F. Javier Gutierrez, February 2017)

It has been 12 years since The Ring Two came out. We don’t know why but that’s enough reason for us to think that maybe they’ve come up with something decent. But Rings was just bad. It’s not scary, it’s not engaging and it looks and feels stupid. I know it flopped but you kinda feel like you deserve your money back after watching the movie.


Other disappointing films are:

The Great Wall
Power Rangers
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
Alien: Covenant
Justice League
The Dark Tower


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