FDCP Opens Film Lab for Mindanao Filmmakers

A new development platform for Mindanao stories has been created by the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) through the Southern Voices Film Lab (SOVOLAB). This is an opportunity to discover the diverse and unique stories and perspectives from the South and give them the chance to develop and find the path to become full-fledged projects.

Southern Voices Film Lab logo

The SOVOLAB, an intensive script and development lab for Mindanaoan filmmakers, is open to all filmmakers from Mindanao who are developing their first, second, and third feature films. Deadline of submission is on April 12, 2019.

Six (6) to eighth (8) projects in the advanced stage of development will be selected. Over the course of eight (8) months, the chosen filmmakers will participate in three (3) workshop sessions in Mindanao and will be mentored by international and local experts to improve their screenplays.

The first session will be held in May, the second session will be in September, and the third session will be in November. Sessions include script consulting and talks by industry experts.

The fourth and final session will be the SOVOLAB Pitch Showcase, which is the participants’ final pitch to the Jury and Decision Makers in Davao City during the Mindanao Film Festival in December. Two (2) projects will receive a co-production grant worth one million pesos.

For more information, visit http://fdcp.ph/southern-voices-film-lab.

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