‘Shazam!’ Review: Bringing Joy & Wonder to the Superhero Genre

SHAZAM! (Review)
Directed by David Sandberg

“Superhero movies need to have fun, superhero movies need to be edgy,” it has been about Marvel versus DC in the past years but whatever team you are in, what’s important is that the audience gets the best time at the movies! And that’s probably what’s going on inside director David Sandberg’s mind when he’s doing ‘Shazam!’

Bringing joy and wonder to the superhero genre in the most entertaining and genuine way, ‘Shazam!’ triumphs in a way that it puts you in an exciting new story in spite of the piles we’re getting today.

Though being known for directing horror films like James Wan, David Sandberg does something magical with Shazam! Of course, Zachary Levi’s charm and talents is a big help of making a fresh and successful superhero movie but how the film was told, it was smooth and well-developed.

I guess, being a horror film director where timing is everything with the scares, and also a good build-up for the mood of the film is required, using the same discipline in creating a horror movie makes ‘Shazam!’ a better superhero movie. And that makes it a win for the audience most of all.

‘Shazam!’ is different from the other DCEU movies. It doesn’t try to be edgy, it doesn’t hard-sell its message, it just tells this story of a young guy who doesn’t belong and gets everything right when he started to accept people into his life. It’s not just a superhero movie, it’s also a family movie.

4 Shazam


4.5 stars

‘Shazam!’ is still showing in cinemas nationwide from Warner Bros Pictures. Rated PG by the MTRCB.


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