‘G!’ Stars Jameson Blake & McCoy de Leon Talk About their Bucket Lists

Hashtag members Jameson Blake and McCoy de Leon have been starring in quite a lot of movies lately, showing that they’re more than just pretty faces and kings of the dance floor.

In their upcoming film ‘G!’ from Cineko Productions, McCoy plays a character who is a cancer patient. He and his group which includes Jameson will take on an adventure to check their characters’ bucket lists, of sorts.

So, we asked the two what are their personal bucket lists. What do McCoy and Jameson still wants to achieve after all the success they have with their respective careers.


McCoy de Leon and Jameson Blake of ‘G!’

For McCoy, “Maka-akyat ng Mt. Everest, ng bundok na ako lang mag-isa. Pangalawa, sobrang taas na ng pangarap ko, gusto ko maging piloto. Pangatlo siguro, magkaroon ng bahay sa ibang bansa para sa family ko.”

We asked if he becomes a pilot, which country he wants to fly to, he answers, “Siyempre lalayuan ko na. Sa Paris. Kasi gusto ko ‘dun mag-propose eh. Pero wala pang babae.” 

For Jameson, “siguro mag-sky diving. Face my fears, I need to face my fears before I die. Second would be to travel, anywhere. Siguro European site and sa America, my dad’s American, so hindi ko pa nae-explore lahat. And lastly, get a house and swimming pool for my mom.”

Coincidentally, the two have the same third bucket list: to have a house for their loved one. Mccoy for his family and Jameson for his mom.

It’s nice to know that even with the busy schedule and the fame they have now, they still think and talk about their families on interviews.

G! Cast Members Paolo Angeles, McCoy de Leon, Kira Balinger, Jameson Blake and Mark Oblea during their Photoshoot

‘G!’ also stars Paolo Angeles, Kira Balinger and Mark Oblea, directed by Dondon Santos.

The film opens in Philippine cinemas soon from Cineko Productions.

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