‘I’m Ellenya L’ Review: A Fairly Made Comedy Romance Movie

I’M ELLENYA L (2019) Review
Directed by Boy 2 Quizon

Being an influencer is a dream of many. But for Ellenya, being an influencer is her destiny. She thinks and feels that it is what she’s supposed to be. But fitting in this world where there are people who judge us even though they don’t truly knows us, how will Ellenya be relevant in a pool of content creators and… pretenders?

Boy 2 Quizon’s full-length film directorial debut is quite impressive. ‘I’m Ellenya L’ has this youthful vibe throughout the film and it’s perfect for its story. The songs, the dialogues, the characters, they pretty much represent the film’s title which is “millennial.” I may have issues with some plot holes, but they’re not that major and this isn’t the type of film that wants to be perfect, it just wants to entertain. And it did, more than I expected.

Maris Racal is so much fun to watch. You might be irritated at times that she’s trying hard to be something or someone she’s not but that just means she’s effective at portraying her role. And if you’ve seen the film, one scene changed and defined Maris as an actress, what she’s willing to do to make her projects better.

Inigo Pascual’s character Peng is probably the most relatable. Even though his character is not as big as Ellenya’s in the film, the always-there-friend and knight-in-shining-armour role fits him well. It’s either you can relate to his sentiments or you know someone who does.

What I like most about the film is the father and daughter relationship. Ellenya and her father, played by Gio Alvarez had heartwarming scenes that made their relationship exemplary. Those were the tender moments of the film.

I definitely enjoyed the film more than I expected. And it has something new to show regarding the world of vloggers / influencers, was hoping it would go deeper but it was still a good attempt.

13 Im Ellenya L


3 stars

‘I’m Ellenya L’ is now showing in cinemas nationwide from Spring Films, Cobalt Entertainment and N2 Productions. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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