Call for Entries: A Projected Vision – a premier film festival for students

Only 2 weeks left to send in your film entries to A Projected Vision, a premier film festival for students all around the Philippines with the hopes of making a change through art.

The recent opening of classes despite the pandemic has worsened the already broken and unequal state of our country’s education system. With people struggling with unstable internet connections, inadequate learning resources, and insufficient preparations on top of staying safe and sound amidst a health crisis, the rushed opening of school has further widened the gap between the poor and the privileged. Because of this, education has become even more of a privilege than every student’s right.

This year’s #AProjectedVision aims to shed light on the inequalities in education faced by millions of students, now amplified by the pandemic. Through this film festival, we provide a platform for aspiring student filmmakers in addressing this issue and further amplify the call for #LigtasNaBalikEskwela.

A Projected Vision features critically-acclaimed filmmakers of our generation including Rod Marmol, Anna Matutina, Ianco Dela Cruz, Patrick Rodil and many more!

Do you have a story to tell? Join us! This film festival is open to ALL STUDENT and STUDENT-GROUP filmmakers.

Here are the guidelines for the film festival:

1. A minimal application fee of PHP 150 per entry must be paid before being officially accepted as a participant.
2. Entries must not exceed a maximum running time of 15 minutes.
3. Entries must meet the following video formats:
a.) At least 1080 pixels resolution
b.) MP4 data file format
4. All music, graphics, video clips, and other proprietary materials used in the participant’s entry must be original and/or have all the proper licenses for use by the participant.
5. Only entries that have not been featured in other film festivals and competitions, other than intra-school competitions, are eligible to join.
6. Entries should not have been created earlier than June 2019.
7. Entries should be in the narrative form/genre.
8. Deadline for submission of requirements is on December 26, 2020.
9. The Top 10 finalists shall receive certificates of recognition and have secured slots for the event’s workshops and the Best Film shall be awarded PHP10,000 as a cash prize.
10. Submit via

Submit on or before December 26, 2020! For more details, you can check out UP Broadcasting Association, UP Broadcasting Association on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. You may also email us at or at 0932 200 9776.

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