Love Blooms Between Master & Disciple in iQiyi’s Original C-Drama “One and Only”

Set at the backdrop of ancient China, well-loved Chinese actors Ren Jialun and Bai Lu star as master-disciple in “One and Only” now streaming on iQiyi and Jialun takes on the role of Zhousheng Chen, the junior Prince of Nanchen and Bai Lu takes on the role of Cui Shiyi, a daughter of a noble family. The series trails the epic love story of Zhousheng and Cui who started as master and disciple who eventually fall in love only to realize that things are working out against their heart’s desires. Zhousheng, a prince and a general at the same time has been sworn to protect the borders at all cost and had sworn in along with this responsibility that he would not marry and have a child. He soon meets Cui who has been sent to his mansion to learn etiquettes before getting married. Both the master and the disciple generate affection towards each other while they restrain themselves with courtesy because of their identity.

The series sets the viewers’ hearts fluttering with sweeping scenes as their characters fight all odds to finally be together. The iconic scenes in the series such as leaning on one’s knees, carrying someone in one’s arms, Kabe-donning on the bed, taking the pulse and writing the “Rhapsody on the Shanglin Park ” together are some of the scenes that the fans can look forward to.

1.      Leaning on your knees

Ren Jialun became a general at an early age and was a perfect match for Bai Lu, a lady from a noble family, but sadly they had to address each other as master and disciple and observe the rituals. Ren Jialun treated Bai Lu more gently and forgivingly compared with other disciples who went through fire and water with him. When they were reading by the candle, there was a smile on Bai Lu’s face which left Ren Jialun wondering, “What’s in her dream?” As Bai Lu fell on his knees unintendedly, the unexpected intimate contact caused a stir in his heart. It was the first time when they crossed the line as master and disciple and so the seed of love was sown.

2.     Gentleman’s manners: carrying her in his arms

As it was improper for men and women to have physical contact while passing objects, Ren Jialun stood by the gentleman’s manners firmly. He showed his consideration to use a fox fur to keep them apart, even though it’s something as easy as carrying the sleeping disciple back, in case her reputation was stained. The fact that he carried her back himself had also distinguished his affection from that to others and so the level of sweetness had grown.

3.     Exerting the charm, intoxicated the soul: “Rhapsody on the Shanglin Park”

Ren Jialun went to say farewell to Bai Lu before he was sent to fight in a battle. As he saw that she could not remember the latter part of the sentence when she was writing the “Rhapsody on the Shanglin Park”, he helped her write down the sentence “soon they hit it off and fall in love” that indicates a man and a woman who suit and adore each other. On the surface he was filling up with the rest of the line, while in reality he was trying to imply that there was a romantic relationship formed unknowingly between the two. Hard as they tried to conceal their feelings towards each other, their eyes had been filled up with affection and an innocent love had thus begun.

4.     Tending throughout the night: Kabe-donning on the bed

As Ren Jialun was wounded during a fight and needs time to heal and recover, Bai Lu volunteered to tend him throughout the night as she worried that he might need help at night. Just as she was about to wake him up to take the medicine she cooked herself, Ren Jialun, the general, sensing that someone was approaching, pushed her onto the bed out of his natural response. Two of them who had always observed the rituals were, at that moment, having a Kabe-donning on the bed unexpectedly, their heart racing and a sense of sweetness was added.

5.      Heartful communication: taking the pulse

The relationship between Ren Jialun and Bai Lu went even further and Bai Lu was determined not to see the coming crown prince (Prince Guangling) and made a random excuse that she was not fit to see the visitor. Ren Jialun, who was an expert in medicine, saw what she meant and started to put on a show. He took her pulse and asked her if she had chest pain or her ears were tingling, posing a teasing yet melting smile at the same time. Their eyes were fixed on each other and full of evidence that they knew each other perfectly. It goes without saying that there was a sort of connection and chemistry going on between the master and disciple.

One and Only is now streaming on iQiyi.

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