‘Uncharted’ Review: Harmless big screen adventure for the whole family

UNCHARTED (2022) Review
Directed by Ruben Fleischer

“Big adventure movies are best seen on the big screen.” That’s what probably is what director Ruben Fleischer and Columbia Pictures wanted working on the action adventure, video game adaptation ‘Uncharted.’ And it worked. There are plenty of sequences that are best seen on the big screen and a surround system that will make the experience better. But as an action adventure film, Uncharted lacks, in some scenes, the tension it needs that will keep you on the edge of your seats.

It’s light, fun, and the humor is accessible for all ages. Tom Holland, while there’s still a resemblance in playing Peter Parker in here, proves that his talent can do more for other movies or franchises. But his charm and skills manage to rise and overpower his identity from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Maybe he’s the next Mark Wahlberg? I don’t know, but Tom manages to have the charisma that you’ll glue your eyes to until the end credits roll.

There are some interesting and clever treasure hunting puzzles in the movie. It’s fun to see a movie that travels around the world again. It makes the movie-watching on the big screen more worth it. Filipinos like me will also be surprised and delighted that Philippines is mentioned in the film, though fictionalized, the story really do have to connect with the Philippines because of the treasure they’re hunting.

What disappoints me is that the obstacles and mysteries seem too easy for the main characters. They might be knowledgeable about history and antiques, but the execution in the film made it short in tension. And that’s what make treasure hunting movies exciting, the tension. Those moments when you’re not sure if the protagonist will solve the puzzle and make it until the end, even if you know that it’s a family movie and it’ll most likely be a happy ending.

Uncharted presents why we watch big action adventure movies on the big screen. While it lacks tension, it’s still a decent and entertaining film for the whole family.


‘Uncharted’ opens in Philippine cinemas February 23, 2022 from Columbia Pictures. Rated PG by the MTRCB. #UnchartedMovie

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