‘Sing 2’ Review: Finding the heart among the music and noise

SING 2 (2021) Review
Directed by Garth Jennings

Sing 2 proves the point: if it ain’t broke, why fix it? If you enjoy the first one, this installment should have enough musical and comedy treats for the whole family to love.

I loved the first one. It’s not the award-winning type of animated film, but it’s just full of life, it’s uplifting from start to finish. That’s why I was excited when a follow-up was announced. And there I was, smiling as I indulge myself to Sing 2‘s spectacular musical numbers and heartwarming scenes.

The film doesn’t want to be original, it doesn’t want to be award-winning or something, what makes it special is that it knows what it wants to present. It knows what story it wants to tell and who they are telling it to. I’m telling all these because it shows in the film. Sing 2 looks like a film that just wants to have fun, so the postivity and energy could transcend to the audience.

The story is predictable, it isn’t even trying to be different or new but the execution is decent, and the charm is overflowing. Sing 2 is one of the feel-good films worth seeing during the pandemic but it also doesn’t forget to have a heart.


‘Sing 2’ is now showing in Philippine cinemas from Universal Pictures International. Rated G by the MTRCB.

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