Root of prostitution and the dangers that lead to HIV/AIDS tackled in advocacy film ‘Sugat sa Dugo’

Poverty. Love isn’t enough, how much we care isn’t enough to put food for our families, to provide a home, to provide safety during these times. It all goes down to money. What makes it worse is if you only have limited resources to have the means to be employed. That’s what the main character in Danni Ugali’s advocacy film experiences.

Watch the trailer of Sugat sa Dugo below:

Jack (Khai Flores), the middle child, just wants the best for his siblings May (Shira Mae Tweg) and Anna (Christa Jocson). After being left behind by their mother, played by Janice de Belen, being the only guy made him the instant father of their family. But without proper education and experience, Jack resorts to prostitution to provide for his family.

But being a sex worker exposes him to different people, especially to those who have sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Sugat sa Dugo wants to show how difficult is the lives of those who are abandoned by their parents, how difficult it is to live without people who would show you the right way to live your life and open you to opportunities that will not only develop yourself but also give you the means to grow and to live. But most importantly, the film wants to show the dangers of being uneducated when it comes to sex.

Being a sex worker is open for discussion, but being safe when it comes to sex? That’s not up for a discussion. Safe sex should always be implemented whether you’re with your partner or having fun with someone you just met, but most importantly if you’re a sex worker.

The film stars Janice de Belen, Khai Flores, Mira Aquino, Christa Jocson, Shira Mae Tweg, Sharmaine Arnaiz, Ashley Carpio, Esteven Dayrit, Leone Adriano, Mosh Gerodias Emcel Abuso, and RJ Ariar. Story by Bambbi Fuentes and directed by Danni Ugali. In cinemas September 28, 2022 from Dragons Entertainment Productions.

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