‘Ajoomma’ Review: Heartwarming, feel-good trip everyone deserves

AJOOMMA (2022) Review
Directed by Shuming He

It’s really a grand time to be a fan of anything Korean. From music to series and movies, to their culture, we embrace anything Korean. That’s the essence of Singapore’s entry to the Oscars, Ajoomma. But like Korean media, the film also shows how family is like for Asian people.

I guess for me, the film found its right time for me to watch it. Being drowned with personal and professional matters, Ajoomma made me smile. It made me feel like one hour and thirty minutes of my life deserves watching this movie. That it will kind of re-energize me, made me look at life at a different perspective, one that isn’t crowded with problems.

The film is a heartwarming, feel-good trip to Korea that everyone deserves. Hong Huifang carried the film with grace and sincerity that you feel like you’re empathizing with her character. Showing concern and being entertained at her guts. It’s a lovely film that gives so much to its audience.

What this little Singaporean film did was flush out the negative thoughts I had while watching. It completely made me to just let go and enjoy a movie about an elderly woman lost in the country she thought she can only dream of. Ajoomma gives you a special time while watching and it will definitely have a special place in your heart after watching.


‘Ajoomma’ is now showing in Philippine cinemas, locally distributed by TBA Studios. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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