‘Here Comes The Groom’ Review: Comedy with a bigger purpose

Directed by Chris Martinez

It’s been more than a decade. Fans are clamoring for a follow-up for years and now, here it is.

There’s a lot to love about Chris Martinez’s Here Comes The Groom but there are also disappointing things as a fan of the first film I could name.

Maris and Awra switching characters is perfect. Gladys Reyes’ perfect timing for comedy is something I never thought I wanted to see. Keempee de Leon never misses in portraying a gay character while Xilhouete is a natural when it comes to acting. And lastly, Kaladkaren can flaunt her beauty even as a man as long as she wants because she really knows how to charm the audience and Enchong Dee finally doing something different is very welcome.

The performances, while not solidly plotted in the film, are great. The film boasts a great ensemble that probably made director Martinez’s work easier.

I have issues with how some of the characters were noticeably different from their original bodies to the bodies they’ve switched with especially with Dee and Kaladkaren’s characters. Their movements and characters aren’t the same as when they were introduced in the movie, before the switch. And as a fan of the original, I wanted the humor to go all-out but sadly it didn’t. It’s still funny and I admired the film that it wanted to be more, a comedy with a bigger purpose.

Having to star and portray at least three LGBTQIA+++ characters, Here Comes The Groom used its platform to equalize everyone regardless of their gender, their sex, their stature or whichever differences we may have, with the struggles we are facing every day. And it manages to make that thought-provoking message in a hilarious comedy movie.


‘Here Comes The Groom’ is now showing in cinemas from Quantum Films, CineKo Productions and Brightlight Pictures. Rated PG by the MTRCB. An official entry to the Summer Metro Manila Film Festival.

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