First look images at Amazon Original ‘Takeshi’s Castle’ – A reboot of the iconic Japanese smash hit game show

TOKYO—April 28, 2023— Today, Prime Video has announced that the reboot of the iconic Japanese smash hit game show Takeshi’s Castle, launched first in Japan last Friday, April 21, 2023, will again have a special humorous, localized Filipino version that will launch exclusively for Prime Video members in the Philippines at the end of this year.

Check out the first-look images below:

The new 8-episode reimagined reboot will undergo a localized makeover, meaning that, in lieu of a regular translation, the entire script will be creatively refurbished, adding elements that are locally nuanced to ensure that it resonates deeply with Filipino audiences. On top of the creative-dubbing overlay, the show will be hosted by three Mariteses — to be announced at a later date — to emulate the highly popular, local neighbourhood gossip culture.

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