MOVIE REVIEW: Anino sa Likod ng Buwan (2015)

Anino Sa Likod ng Buwan

Directed by Jun Robles Lana

A bravura feat in Philippine cinema. From the direction to the story and the acting, Anino Sa Likod ng Buwan is no holds barred in delivering excellent production. Jun Lana who wrote and direct the film made sure his passion for filmmaking is felt all throughout the film and the result is something unimaginable. Small productions have a hard time financing their films but most of the time they’re the ones surprising the audience with something big and special to offer. Kudos to the cast especially to LJ Reyes for successfully pulling off something that demands more than acting skills.

The technicalities of the film is immensely intricate, being a one-shot feature film, the audience will find it hard to imagine the work being done behind the camera and the things that goes inside the heads of the actors. The experience of watching the film is incomparable to any movie released this year and this is Jun Lana’s best work so far, well-written, ambitious and well-executed.

Anino Sa Likod ng Buwan Poster


5 Stars

“Anino sa Likod ng Buwan” is part of QCinema 2015’s INDIE NACIONAL. Rated R-18 by the MTRCB.

Here’s the schedule of the film in its run at the QCinema International Film Festival 2015:

Oct 23, Fri, 9:10pm, Trinoma
Oct 24, Sat, 6:30pm, Galleria
Oct 25, Sun, 1:00pm, Gateway

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