Friends for Love Charities, Inc. thanks its supporters for the success of ‘Friends for Love Festival’

The pandemic has hit most industries. Live events are a goner and a lot resorted to online events. But as the world heals, we enter the new normal. And live events are also gaining back its audience.

That’s why Ms. Maricar Aragon of Friends of Love Charities, Inc. and 702 Studio is thankful for the support of the success of their recent event, ‘Friends for Love Festival’ that happened last July 21, 2023 at the Music Museum, San Juan City.

Below is her message:

As we have witnessed the successful collaboration of this group, with their sincere performance and the meaningful things that they shared in this event that just ended, may there be more people together and it will be more meaningful for the next collaboration.

And as one of the parties of this Production, I would like to congratulate each and everyone for your very best and full support in this collaborative work, which was not only completed but also successful and meaningful for your participation.

After months of hard work and patience, the show has come to an end. The event, Friends for Love Festival has been created from scratch, to collaborating with great concepts provided by Director Rupert Civil on the “Sulyap: A Celebration of Talent” Recital, to the concert title “Si Hesus ang Tanging Hiling” by marketing head Mr. Nixon Salimbangon, to the creation of “Friends for Love Festival” with our event partner Mabuhay PH’s Director Jag Cruz with the assistance of Sir John Rey Malto and Coach King Joash Caalem Jr. and the production that consists of the very humble OJT Students for the pubmats and posters for the event, Mr. Joel Mendoza for the coverage of the whole event and being with the event since day 1. I am also grateful for our dear friends from the press Ms. Anne Venancio, Mr. Eric Borromeo, Mr. Timmy Basil, and Mr. Nonie Nicasio. I would also like to send my gratitude for the lessons and pieces of advice to perform better—Coach Montet from the University of the Philippines; and honorable mention to Sir Gilbert Circulado for helping out into the production of the first tickets for the said event. The reason we created this show, our inspiration to show our best for a greater cause I would also like to wholeheartedly thank Friends For Love Charities Inc. and founder Ms. Cristina Gutierrez and vice president Ms. Daisy Reyes for trusting our event for a cause to showcase our talents and performance in hopes to reach the hearts of the warriors from Friends For Love to carry on and fight the battles through our songs, dance, and walks, that we fight with them as well. No words can describe how my heart is full on giving them inspiration to live and for being to meet them every chance that we have a gathering with them. To our aspiring performers from Friends For Love, this one is also for you. 

Utmost gratitude to our great coaches for modelling and dancing—Mr. Whelrick Catandijan and Mr. King Joash Caalem Jr. for the unending support until the end of the show and for bringing out the best to the talents from 702 Media Productions. Our recital could not have been possible if not for honing the talents and skills of the aspiring performing artists if not for their guidance. And with that, unending gratitude for their patience and understanding. To the designers provided by Mr. Whelrick Catandijan to shine our talents: Psalm Creations’s Ms. Ana Castillo, Ms. Elsie Delos Reyes from Elsie Delos Reyes Creations, Ms. Anna Fuentes Ligaya from Ligaya Couture, and Mr. Eslao Secuelan from Eslao’s Secwence who have poured out their hearts to showcase their artistic and fashionable designs. It has been an honor to make the talents walk with such graceful designs from these designers. A great and wonderful host to which I am also thankful for, for leading the ceremonies, Ms. Faith Borreta. I would also like to thank our second act, one of the best duos that I have ever met Ms. Jassy and Mr. Gabriel with the Signus 8 Band performing songs that everyone can relate to and with their kind hearts in participating to the event for cause. To our lovely guests who made the show full of life and performed for a great cause: Ms. Yvette Avenido who has a great heart to perform and be a representative to the kids in surviving cancer and willingly shared her lovely voice as an inspiration to many, Mr. Lance Raymundo the very dashing artist with an expertise with his identity in performing, the 702 Band: Kuya Roland, Kuya Jay, Kuya Sam, and Kuya JP who created such masterpieces to put another color to the performance on the concert, Mr. Edwin Cando who is a very humble actor and performer as well who I have also looked up to as a performer, Ms. Erica Macabutas, Mr. Blue Lopez, and Ms. Shirleena Joice Espinoza which are my dear friends who I grew up in the performing arts doing what they love, MPowers AMB Dance’s Mr. Andrew Mark Baris for bringing together dancers and powerful performers Mr. Aky Ico, Mr. Tyrone Gabuay, Balala siblings Belle, Felicity, and Althea; Ms. Nikka Valencia for watching the event, Mr. John Arcenas, Ms. Ally Gonzales, and talents from Tyrone Escalante Management who are rising artists of the OPM industry for taking their time to perform for our event for a cause, Ms. Princess Precious Cejo, Professor Eric Zapanta, Dr. Kenneth Salvatus, Mr. Gilbert Circulado, and Mr. Gabrielle Cando. To our models and guest models who graced the stage with their walk taught by Mr. Whelrick Catandijan: Mr. Andre Pante who is also a rising performer in dance, Ms. Jean Nicole Tan, Ms. Chenee Abunda, Ms. Yvonne Avenido, Ms. Jaden Mendoza, Ms. Jilianne Reyes, Ms. Hanna Lee, Ms. Dianna, Mr. Joms Daily, Mr. Joey da Pobre, Ms. Elein Alfie and models from MSI Modeling Center, this I offer my deepest gratitudes. 

Lastly, I would like to give this space as a gratitude for our talents and their parents from 702 Media Productions who stayed, trusted, and gave their all to the event, honed their skills and talent through the grace of Coach Joash Caalem Jr. in dancing and Coach Whelrick Catandijan in modeling: Tralizia Jianne, Stezzy Rhaine, Danice (to which these three proved how much potential they hold as a whole performer), rising young performers Faith Alleson, Megan, Karla Grace, professional models and dancers in the making Queen Kathleen, Princess Katherine, Natalie Nicole, Athena Rica, Ark Kheilah, Keona Ellyze, Xara Zhyne, Princess Amethyst, Ron Andrew, Psalm Jannah, Rhean, and Rich Aicah.

It is beyond words that I am proud for doing your best in the show. I would also like to take this opportunity to give my thanks to our event place, Music Museum for being considerate to put our event for a cause to the known venue, to my loving family, 702 Media Productions who poured all the efforts to keep the show running, Ms. Leina Montealto for highlighting my beauty with the grace of her hands, Ms. Lee Amore who also shared her graces In highlighting the beauty of the talents, Ms. Joyce Cariliman for lending a hand to assist me in the show: Ms. Emma Gersava, Mr. Jovel Balote, Ms. Charlita Agban, Ms. Aurelia Sevilleno, Ms. Glory Anne Santuele, who helped us through behind the scenes, and to my relatives who came to support this event, I appreciate all of you. All of these people, without even one of them, would not make this event complete and whole if not for them. It is beyond words that I would like to express my utmost gratitude and love to each of these people and organizations for creating a night to remember. May we all receive all the good things in life.

Maricar Aragon 
Friends for Love Charities Inc. 
702 Studio

Below are images from the event:

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