Korina Sanchez leads diverse group of hosts in refreshing talk show ‘TikTalks’

The renowned TV host brings fearlessness and fresh energy to the show’s return.

Yes, it’s true—“TikTalks,” hosted by Korina Sanchez-Roxas and other dynamic personalities, is back by popular demand, promising a fun, feisty second season packed with no-holds-barred discussions. Sanchez-Roxas, a multi-awarded broadcast journalist, is set to take the helm of the controversial yet hilarious talk show once again.

Joining her are a diverse group of hosts. Together, they form a unique ensemble that represents different perspectives and voices.

Alex Calleja, a Filipino comedian hailing from Bicol, once made it to the Top 20 of Laugh Factory’s Funniest Person in the World. A former professor and IT programmer, he pursued a career in stand-up comedy in 2007. With a career spanning almost a decade, his wit has conquered television and various corners of the globe. It’s that wit that he’ll bring to season two of “TikTalks.”

G3 San Diego, a Filipina writer who has worked in the TV and film industry, has been the mind behind top-rated TV shows such as “Bridges of Love” and “Magkaribal.” A noted entertainment journalist and digital influencer, she brings a wealth of experience and creativity to “TikTalks.”

Kakai Bautista, a Filipino actress, host, singer, and comedienne, has appeared in numerous television shows and movies. Kakai’s penchant for engaging in witty repartee secured her a spot on the “TikTalks” team.

Pat-P Daza, a producer and radio anchor, has voiced her thoughts about the changing landscape of the television industry. She’s a big believer in the importance of collaboration, and it’s that cooperative spirit that she’ll use to bring everyone at “TikTalks” together despite their differences.

Last but definitely not least, Korina Sanchez-Roxas is a name synonymous with excellence in Filipino journalism. Her presence reigns supreme across multiple platforms, establishing her as an undisputed queen in her field.

Recently, on July 5, 2023, Sanchez returned to ABS-CBN to sign a new co-production deal for her show “Rated Korina.” Her comeback was met with enthusiasm and support from celebrities and fans alike, solidifying her status as a premier A-list broadcaster.

Sanchez-Roxas created the show with co-producer Jojie Dingcong of Media Kweens, Inc. They designed it to be different, real, and unfiltered. From discussing why some Pinoys opt for fair skin and nose surgery to the cultural practice of eating dog meat, the show is not afraid to tackle topics usually avoided in mainstream media. The first season of “TikTalks” caught the attention of many, and the anticipation for the upcoming season is palpable. The show airs on TV5, OnePH, and Radyo 5 92.3 News FM.

“TikTalks” is not just a talk show; it’s a platform where real people engage in real talk. With Sanchez-Roxas leading the way, the show promises to continue breaking barriers and sparking the kinds of conversations we need to be having.

Stay tuned for laughter, debates, and a fresh perspective on the world around us with “TikTalks” season two, every Sunday, 9:30PM on TV5.

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