‘Huling Sayaw’ director invites people to watch Belle Mariano before she rose to fame

The pandemic changed most of us. Some for the worse and some for the better. And if there’s one example that changed during the pandemic is how Belle Mariano’s career boomed. How to describe the changes? There’s a movie about to open this month that was filmed in 2018, pre-pandemic, before Belle Mariano starred as the young Gabbie in ‘Four Sisters Before The Wedding’ and before her biggest role yet, as Maxpein in the series adaptation of ‘He’s Into Her.’

“Naba-bash po kami dito dahil sinasabi nila na ginagamit namin si Belle (Mariano) pero ang totoo po niyan, si Belle ay involved po talaga dito (Huling Sayaw), isa po siya sa mga bida dito. Hindi namin ginusto na hindi po kami nakapag-showing kasi inabot kami ng pandemic,” director Errol Ropero as he opened the media conference for Huling Sayaw.

There’s no doubt that Belle Mariano is a prime artist today. With all the successful projects, advertisements and accolades the young lady is receiving recently including a sold-out concert, Belle is an artist to watch out for.

There seems to be a misunderstanding with some of her fans claiming the movie Huling Sayaw does not involve Belle Mariano. But clearly, seeing her in the trailer is more than enough of her existence in the film. It’s just that the movie was filmed pre-pandemic, even before Belle shoot to stardom, you can actually notice that the Belle Mariano in Huling Sayaw is younger.

But will Belle still be able to promote the film?

“Nag-reach out naman po kami sa management nila. Bago pa po ‘yung last day shoot namin, nakipag-meeting po ako sa kanila regarding sa possibility na masama namin sa last day si Belle. Sabi ko, meron na kaming playdate, actually dapat August 23, sabi nila hindi daw pwede si Belle. So alam ng management ni Belle na nag-reach out kami. Pinakita naman nila interest nila na makasama sa last part ng pelikula. Hindi lang po talaga nagkasundo sa schedule kasi sobrang busy ni Belle ngayon and kami naman, kailangan na namin ipalabas ‘yung pelikula,” answers director Errol.

Camerrol Entertainment Productions proudly presents “Huling Sayaw,” a heartfelt film that explores the trials and triumphs of friendship, redemption, and the pursuit of dreams. Starring talented young actors Bugoy Cariño and Belle Mariano, this film promises to captivate the hearts of audiences everywhere.

The story revolves around three childhood best friends, Danilo (Bugoy Cariño), Tiffany (Belle Mariano), and Stephanie (Andy Abellar), as they navigate their senior year at a prestigious school in Manila. However, the course of their lives takes an unexpected turn when Danilo makes a wrong decision that leads him astray, influenced by a negative company.

As Danilo finds himself on the brink of losing everything he holds dear, he must summon the strength and resilience to reclaim his true path. Along the way, the characters undergo profound transformations, testing the bounds of friendship and inner resolve. Will Danilo be able to overcome his mistakes, chase his dream of becoming a renowned dancer, and endure the test of time?

During the media conference held on August 30th at Viva Cafe GF, Cyberpark Tower 1, Araneta City Cuba, Quezon City, the film’s cast members graced the event to share their insights and experiences. Lead actor Bugoy Cariño was joined by co-stars Rob Sy, Ramon Christopher, Christian Vasquez, Emilio Garcia and Jao Mapa. Under the expert direction and written by Director Errol Roper, “Huling Sayaw” promises to deliver a compelling narrative.

Get ready to embark on a gripping journey filled with friendship, redemption, and the pursuit of dreams as “Huling Sayaw” makes its way onto the silver screen on Sept. 13 nationwide.

“Huling Sayaw” is produced by Director Errol Ropero, with Executive Producers Ronald Allan Guinto, Michael Endaya, Hon. Melvin Vergara Vidal, and Hon. Amado Carlos Bolilia IV.

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