Luc Beeson’s ‘LUCY’ is Getting a Sequel!

The sci-fi action film shot in Taipei, Paris and New York City directed by Luc Beeson (The Fifth Element, Nikita) and starring Scarlett Johansson Lucy is getting a sequel!

Lucy-Movie-2014-WallpaperYes, you’ve read that right. Lucy, the film where Scarlett Johansson became a USB in the end will have a second installment. The announcement came during CineEurope 2015 this week, where the film’s producer, EuropaCorp, announced their upcoming slate of films scheduled and in- development.


Lucy followed the story of a woman who accidentally absorbed a drug into her bloodstream gained the ability to use more than 10% of her brain which makes her do things in a superhero kind of way. The film earned a total of $458,863,600 globally which is probably the best reason for EuropaCorp to make it a franchise.

No news yet on its release date and if Johansson will return.

Source: IndieWire

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