Weekly Round-Up: Movie Reviews


MAX (2015)  3/5

Unbelievable as it may look as the story progresses, Max means well. A family film that doesn’t just go “awwww” for dog and companion moments but is also a thrilling adventure of a found bond between a boy and a dog.

Max has a lot of spirit and heart but you can’t help but wonder if the dog is really just military-trained or somewhat injected with superhero genes with its exceptional skills.

PoltergeistPOLTERGEIST (2015) 2/5  Also available in 3D and 3D/4Dx

It didn’t get the whole idea of the original but it did follow the same story. The remake of Poltergeist is visually rich but its half baked ideas stumbles the potential the movie has. Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie DeWitt give tremendous job for their roles but even them were clearly just swinging it in the final act. Just enjoying what could have been a thrilling experience that turned out to be something that feels like ordinary.

Poltergeist develops tense in a way that the audience could imagine what could’ve been a better turn for the events. Unfortunately, the people behind the film wants to keep it a family movie which inhibits its potential to a more haunting movie experience.

After The Ball

AFTER THE BALL (2015) 2.5/5

It’s your average Cinderella inspired movie with a new twist. After The Ball is charming and entertaining enough to please the viewers but it doesn’t add anything new to the pile of Cinderella riff-offs that goes in our theaters.

After The Ball is predictable and forgettable but its charms and fun moments will keep you interested until the movie ends.

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