Movie Review: The Thieves (2012)

1 The ThievesThe Thieves (2012) Review

There’s a reason why The Thieves is one of the highest-grossing films in Korea, the movie is entertaining from start to finish. It’s a stylish heist film with a pinch of everything else from comedy, romance to action. Though it’s quite lengthy, it keeps things interesting and thrilling with an action-packed ending.

There are a lot of character in the film and while you may sometimes feel it is over crowded, playing with these characters is actually one of the strong features of the film. You just can’t deny how charismatic all these characters are especially Jun Ji-hyun (Yenicall). And the action sequences are very impressive and not tiring.

The Thieves is now showing exclusively at SM Cinemas. Part of SM Lifestyle Entertainment and Viva Entertainment’s SineAsia.

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