Milla Jovovich is Hunted by Pierce Brosnan in Thriller ‘Survivor’

Survivor-jovovich-brosnanAfter trying to prevent a terrorist attack and failing, Milla Jovovich is hunted down by an extremely deadly Pierce Brosnan in this trailer for the thriller Survivor.


Pierce Brosnan is once again doing his Bond action thing, only this time he seems to be the bad guy (a welcome change if you ask me). Hopefully Survivor will turn out better than his previous similar effort, November Man. Milla Jovovich is no stranger to action films either, making a name for herself with genre flicks like the Resident Evil series or Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element. So she can definitely hold her own against Pierce Brosnan.

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In Survivor we’ve got Pierce Brosnan playing a hitman, the Watchmaker, whose last job left one survivor, a State Department visa security officer posted at the US Embassy in the UK, Milla Jovovich. Framed for crimes she didn’t commit, she is now on the run from both the police and the above mentioned hitman. Also starring in Survivor are Emma Thompson, James D’Arcy, Dylan McDermott and Angela Bassett. James McTeigue (V for Vendetta, Ninja Assassin) directed the thriller.

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Survivor opens in Philippine cinemas July 8 locally distributed by Multivision Entertainment Pictures Philippines through Viva Films.

Watch the trailer here:

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