Director Guillermo Del Toro Still Working on ‘Pacific Rim 2’ Amidst Production Problem

Last 2013, Guillermo Del Toro introduced us to Jaegers and Kaijus in Pacific Rim. There have been problems with its box-office numbers but alas, a sequel was announced for August 2017 release. Many were thrilled as though not rare, big blockbuster films do tend to overdo most of its CGI for pleasure but it also degrades the film’s potential in storytelling. But Pacific Rim was done tastefully with thrilling sequences and above average narrative.

Pacific Rim

So, were we excited with the sequel’s announcement? Duh! Of course! And Guillermo Del Toro is still in the director’s chair, what could go wrong?

Pacific Rim Del Toro

Sadly, recent reports says that Pacific Rim 2 is on indefinite hold due to production company problems. Entertainment Weekly had the chance to talk to Del Toro following the report of Pacific Rim 2 being on hold. He acknowledged that the sequel has “moved further” from the November 2015 production start that was originally planned – and, in turn, its August 2017 release date, presumably – but also said that he and his co-screenwriter Zak Penn (The Incredible Hulk) are still actively crafting/mapping out the project:

“We are still turning in a screenplay and a budget in three weeks. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not gone. We’re still on it.”

The delay appears to be something big, though, as del Toro also told EW “I may do another movie in the middle,” before he makes the Pacific Rim sequel. Back in Summer 2014, del Toro said that he was planning to make a low-budget, black and white project of his own design, before the cameras started rolling on the second Pacific Rim installment. It sounds like if del Toro does shift his attention to another movie before Pacific Rim 2, it would probably be a smaller undertaking (like his mystery indie film) – as opposed to, one of his long-rumored, big-budget ventures (sorry, those still waiting for Hellboy III).

What do you think? Are you one of those who are excited for Pacific Rim 2? Or an original piece be better?

Souce: ScreenRant, Entertainment Weekly

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