‘Gods of Egypt’ Director Alex Proyas Blasts Critics for his Film’s Poor Box-Office Performance

With a budget of a staggering $140 million, Gods of Egypt only hopes to be successful in the box-office for it to actually be successful but with people having issues with it starring white actors or as they call it “white washing,” the chances of the film got thinner. And just before the movie opens, of course critics who have seen it also releases their reviews of the film which are mostly not in Gods of Egypt’s favor, so people stayed away from the film, thinking of the money they are going to waste if they see the film because…. the critics say it was bad.

And sadly, the film only grossed $14M in its opening weekend at the US. Director of the film, Alex Proyas blames the critics for its unsuccessful opening week and pour his heart out in his Facebook post:


Not real. But maybe it should be. Most are white and male, are they not? So as an Egyptian guy, being called a racist by some of these people makes me feel a little queasy.

You know it must be hard to be a movie critic these days. I mean you are subjected to movie after movie to review for a “cynical” public – several every week sometimes – it must really take its toll on one’s nerves. And then there are some movies which come along with bloggers already bitching about them so doesn’t it make things a little easier if you are struggling for something to say? Well why not just say what those bloggers are saying, even if they haven’t seen the movie like you have. That will result in a review that will be received well. Won’t it? Only the film-makers will be annoyed with you. Who cares about them.

This way of thinking is human nature I suppose – it does not surprise me in the least as the web and the Rotten Tomatoes school of criticism supports this idea of reducing someone’s work to a series of stars awarded. I for one do not care about stars. Nor is this my vendetta against all critics. I know there are ones out there who are brave enough to express their own opinions about movies – and I want to encourage them in any way I can to stick to their guns, even if I have to criticise the critics, which for an artist means you will be instantly labelled as “crazy”.

People think I am angry because my film was not reviewed favourably. But you see I do not care if the reviews are positive or negative. I usually don’t read them either way. And yes I generally take a fan’s opinion above a critic’s. My fans are quite honest with me and tell me if they like something or not. I respect that. And most importantly I can trust their opinion as it is coming from a real place. Nor do I mind the bloggers who criticise for whatever reason – even over the racial controversy. As I have already stated I have sympathy for them, though I do not believe I could have done more in this regards for reasons I have stated elsewhere.

What I’m angry about is consensus reviewing – and how it damages movie making universally. I question the motives behind many critics response to my movie in this case. Some reviews so perfectly reflect the opinions of “hate” bloggers before the movie opened. Wonder why? Bloggers shape critics opinions – there is no denying that – more and more so. And the first professional reviews of a movie can poison the well – so that people are frightened to drink from it. I have seen that happen to many of my friends films recently and particularly to many original fantasy movies released in the past few years. So studios will probably stop making big budget original fantasy movies altogether. As a fan of the genre I think that would be a real shame. And… funny how the people who love to be so negative about films are the ones who have the hardest time being criticised.

Honestly, I didn’t think the film was really bad, yes it could’ve been better with its story but it has some entertaining sequences that isn’t bad at all.

Here are some of the photos we got from director Alex Proyas Facebook:

“Gods of Egypt” is now showing in Philippine cinemas nationwide from Pioneer Films. Also available in 3D, 3D/4Dx and IMAX 3D, rated PG by the MTRCB.

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