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Here’s your Movie Guide for the month of March:

March Movie Guide

March 02-03

2 American Poltergeist
2 Backtrack
2 Risen
2 Queen of the Desert
2 The Finest Hours
2 The Program
3 London Has Fallen

March 09

9 Garm Wars
9 Mandirigma
9 Kung Fu Panda 3
9 The Divergent Series: Allegiant
9 Uncanny

March 16

16 CineFilipino
16 Hail, Caesar!
16 Intruders
16 Ju-On: The Final Grudge
16 Lost in the Pacific
16 Miracles from Heaven
16 Norm of the North
16 Trumbo


26 Just The 3 of Us
26 Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
26 Shelter

NOTE: Release dates can still change without prior notice from the local distributor. You can check us out on Facebook for updates and changes.

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