MOVIE REVIEW: Risen (2016)

RISEN (2016) Review
Directed by Kevin Reynolds

Risen is a different point of view on the most celebrated story of all time, the story of Jesus. It uses a lighter tone as the film treats its story as an inspirational one, one that doesn’t need to present the hardships and the actual death of Jesus Christ. The film though gets tedious and hard to be engaged with its slow-paced story but with Joseph Fiennes performance, you get to keep your interest on until it ends.

It gets more interesting halfway through the film but not enough to actually make you realize you’re not bored. There’s so much potential in the film but only a few were used to make it an effective medium to test one’s faith. Risen makes “The Greatest Story Ever Told” not great at all, only making it less interesting and dissolves the mystery the story has. There are worse films about faith or God out there than Risen but that doesn’t make this one compelling enough for a story so significant it either makes one believe or shrugs off its absurdity.

02 Risen


2.5 Stars

“Risen” is now showing exclusively at SM Cinemas from Columbia Pictures Philippines. Rated R-13 by the MTRCB.

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