The Uptown Mall Cinema Experience

This is my first time writing a review of a cinema. It’s not a big deal but since our major theater chains are getting old, imperturbable and honestly bad, this might be a wake up call for them *coughs* SM Cinema.

Uptown Cinema 08

We were invited at the VIP Premiere screening of the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, London Has Fallen. Uptown Mall is located in BGC where if you’re not very familiar can easily make you lost. But thank you, Google Maps!

Upon entering, the mall is almost empty. You can hardly see any store you’d think you’re in the wrong place. But thankfully I’m not, the cinemas are open and they’re setting up the cocktails for the VIP screening.

As we go inside the cinema, there was a little wow from me but since it is new, we only have to determine its cinematic experience on how it was built. The seats are comfortable, clean-looking and has a good eyes to screen distance and level. But the best thing about the seats is they are NOT SQUEAKING or at least they don’t make any annoying sounds while moving. And you can freely move your feet with its spacious floor between rows.

The cinema is equipped with the newest Dolby Atmos sound system. This wasn’t my first Dolby Atmos experience and trust me, it’s not as impressive as it is advertised. Though it is a good thing that we’re keeping up with the latest technology in bringing the best cinematic experience for the Filipino audience.

The pictures projected are clear and crisp and very bright unlike the ones in major cinemas today. The surround sound is perfect for the movie with the explosions, gunshots and other bangin’ and crashin’ you are going to hear while watching London Has Fallen.

Overall, the Uptown Cinemas is worth your money even though priced at P320 in the Dolby Atmos Theater and P520 for the VIP Cinema inclusive of unlimited popcorn and drinks.It’s a bit pricey than your regular cinema but its sophisticated look, reliable cinema personnels, and greatly promises high maintenance (the way other Megaworld Lifestyle Malls are today). We haven’t tried the VIP Cinema yet but will definitely do when we have the chance. 

The brown seats give an overall exquisite look that relishes a vibe of elegance. The surrounding walls complement the atmosphere of the whole cinema: sophisticated without alienating the moviegoers, luring them in all the same with conducive seats that are equally inviting and comfortable.

We don’t know about the others who attended the premiere but we’ll definitely be going back to Uptown Mall Cinemas and maybe try the VIP Cinema or plan our next movie night there.

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