MOVIE REVIEW: Just The 3 of Us (2016)

JUST THE 3 OF US (2016) Review
Directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina

If you told me a year ago that Jennylyn Mercado and John Lloyd Cruz will be together in one film, I would laugh for a while and would think that if others can do it, why not them? Star Cinema did made that impossible team-up, possible and with no other than Cathy Garcia-Molina directing. It is a dream come true, not just for the fans but also for these actors and staff.

Just The 3 Of Us is everything you love about John Lloyd and Jennylyn in one movie. Their charms, their ability to make people laugh effortlessly and of course their effectiveness in dramatic scenes. But it’s disappointing to see them in a Star Cinema formula, though tried and tested, it still feels tired.

You have your two leads with family issues, the guy meets the girl, they spend time together and realize they’re perfect for each other, they fight, both will settle their problems with their families and gets an advise which will finally have the leads end up happily. It’s been used in more than enough Star Cinema films and it is disappointing that they’re using it in a film with Jennylyn Mercado which is, as some would think, almost impossible.

The film gets why Jennylyn Mercado is such a hit to the people, but it doesn’t get why the characters she portrayed are well-loved and memorable. John Lloyd Cruz gets to do his thing, which always works. John Lloyd is John Lloyd anyway and as for the film, it does get fun, relatable and gives “kilig” moments for the two but their characters are generic, though they do have some distinct characteristics, you’ll find their roles like they were recycled, just having another name and another job.

If we’re talking about achieving its goal, then it surely did. It has John Lloyd and Jennylyn being silly and romantic in one movie. You could ask for more from its story but looks like it was the way they wanted it to be. Just another generic Star Cinema romantic comedy that can offer more but only did what the fans wanted from it.

27 Just The 3 of Us


3 Stars

“Just The 3 of Us” is now showing in Philippine cinemas nationwide from Star Cinema. Rated R-13 by the MTRCB.

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  1. Call me old-fashioned but I always still look for moral lessons taught after watching a movie: and #justthe3ofus delivered not one or 2 but more life lessons – something today’s world of cinema sadly fails to depict anymore .. 😔Other than sci-fi, war sex and violence, it had a plot which revolved on family dysfunction which later progressed and evolved to sound and moral choices & inclined to depict : choice of life over abortion, family over career.. tradition over modernisation .. happy to have spent time and treasure to a movie that instilled these values – more than just ‘kilig’ I must say !

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