Meet The Characters in the Horror Film “Pwera Usog”

Regal Entertainment Inc.’s latest offering is a horror film directed by Jason Paul Laxamana titled “Pwera Usog.” It tells the story of a group of pranksters who scares a homeless girl and accidentally injuring her. One by one, they start encountering a shadow whose glare causes them to fall severely ill and die.

Meet the cast of “Pwera Usog”

Sofia Andres (Jean) a rich but delinquent girl who operates a prank channel on the Internet. Insecure of her scholar brother and still damaged by his father’s separation with her mother, she seeks to make herself feel significant by making viral prank videos.

Devon Seron (LUNA) – a seemingly crazy beggar who is under the spell of Catalina’s ghost; as a kid, she was an orphaned street child who scavenged dumpsites and slept on sidewalks with Quintin, her childhood friend; she gradually lost her sanity when Catalina’s ghost started taking control of her.

Joseph Marco (SHERWIN) – Jean’s uptight ex-boyfriend who still looks after her in spite of their broken relationship; the son of a physician, he is skeptical of supernatural concepts like usog, amulets and albularyos.

Cherise Castro (VAL) – Jean’s friend who helps Jean out in her prank videos as cameraperson; a rebel like Jean, she is at odds with her mother

Albie Casiño (BOBBY) – Val’s jock boyfriend who helps Jean out in her prank videos too; a remorseless douchebag

Kiko Estrada (QUINTIN) – after being taking in as foster child by Inday Minda, he has become her assistant in her albularyo sessions, thereby learning how to be an albularyo himself; as a kid, he was a street child like Luna; a quiet boy, he learns to be brave when he finds the opportunity to rescue Luna

Aiko Melendez (INDAY MINDA) – an albularyo who heals people for free; an old maid, she has taken Quintin as her son after rescuing him from possible enslavement by Catalina’s ghost INDAY MAGDA – Inday Minda’s mother, who comes from a line of albularyos; is killed after attempting to rescue Luna from Catalina’s ghost when Luna was a young girl

Eula Valdes (CATALINA) – a witch who lived in a mansion during the American occupation; she kidnapped children and drained their spiritual energies until their deaths; after being exposed by the townspeople, a mob goes after her and kills her; her ghost however, continues to look for children to prey on, mostly orphans and street children; her latest prey is Luna, whom she keeps alive so she would have a constant source of energy.

Rommel Padilla – JEAN’S DADDY (Mr. Cordero) – a wealthy businessman who is at odds with his daughter, Jean; always preoccupied with out-of-country meetings, he rarely spends time with Jean at a time when Jean is still reeling from her parents getting separated; this results in Jean drifting apart from him. Due to Jean’s delinquency, he has learned how to become strict and imposing.


“Pwera Usog” opens in Philippine cinemas nationwide on March 8, 2017 from Regal Entertainment, Inc.

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