MOVIE REVIEW: The Mermaid (2016)

THE MERMAID (2016) Review
Directed by Stephen Chow

Stephen Chow’s films are best known for being entertaining and funny, “The Mermaid” is not an exemption. From Shaolin Soccer to Kung Fu Hustle, the humor in his films are unique that you will know a film is directed by Stephen Chow if it has insane,

It’s weirdly, confusingly and hilariously entertaining. The visuals and its treatment are like Chow’s recent films but there is more to it than just entertainment. There’s also an environmental message the film wants to send to its audience. The Mermaid is a film not just about one thing and while it has a message for the environment, it still deliver the goods both visually and emotionally.

Its characters’ motives are obviously clear enough from the start that the film is not hard to watch. It gets tedious at times as the story becomes more complex, adding more dimension to its characters. But it doesn’t lose its humor, its capacity to make things laughable in the most convenient way for the film.

It’s engaging most of the time as the story gets complicated as the two worlds collide. It’s what it is, a film made to entertain the whole family whatever language you speak.

11 The Mermaid


3.5 Stars

“The Mermaid” opens May 11, 2016 exclusively at Eastwood Cinemas, Uptown Mall Cinemas, Newport Cinemas and Lucky Chinatown Mall Cinemas. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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