MOVIE REVIEW: Imagine You & Me (2016)

IMAGINE YOU & ME (2016) Review
Directed by Michael Tuviera , DGPI

One year after their breakout and phenomenal love team emerged in Philippine TV, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza or “Aldub” finally gets their solo film and it’s definitely bigger than their supporting roles in My Bebe Love: #KiligPaMore.

Imagine You & Me, the film explains the title, as Gara (Mendoza) often have daydreams or imagine things mostly about finding her one true love. But she’s already in her twenties and though she could wait longer, the idea of being loved is what her soul is searching for. And Andrew (Richards) came into her life, not the most romantic or ideal way possible, but both needed each other to be whole for the first time and once again.

Pleasant all throughout, Imagine You & Me may give nothing new to the pile of romantic comedy films in the Philippines but the film isn’t ridiculously written and doesn’t overdo the tired genre. It brings out the best in Mendoza in light and comedic scenes but she seems still uncomfortable with the heavy dramatic scenes that she looks awkward at times. Richards’ talents, on the other hand, feels underused. He could offer more, but what was presented in the film is decent. You could enjoy most of it but some, feels longer than it should be that it loses its magic.

The film’s cinematography is quite impressive and it almost catches the magic of Como, Italy. The vibe is feel-good from start to finish as it only take things light but the thing is, it also keeps the film from being compelling. We get that the intention of the film is to give the audience a good time at the movies but the complications of the story needed more gravity.

Richards and Mendoza’s chemistry felt natural especially when the two seemed to be just enjoying. It’s not like they’re out to prove anything but more like they enjoy doing this because of the bond they have and because of the fans. The film delivered what it wanted and what it’s catered for and that’s the intention of the film. And with the success of Richards and Mendoza on TV, Imagine You & Me is a long-overdue project they both deserve. And it’s high time GMA Films do more movies in the coming months.

13 Imagine You & Me


3 Stars

“Imagine You & Me” is now showing in Philippine cinemas nationwide from APT Entertainment, GMA Films and MZet Productions. Rated G by the MTRCB.

4 Replies to “MOVIE REVIEW: Imagine You & Me (2016)”

  1. I love this move for its main theme: Love is heart-warming, regardless where you are.

    That’s the magic of the movie as captured by Mr. Tuviera’s direction. Beautiful, all in all!

  2. It’s true that Maine is awkward when it comes to heavy dramatic scenes but all in all the movie is greaaat! Much better than theirs last year! I’m an AlDub fan and I hope they do more movies in the future and TV series. I would appreciate if Maine would take formal acting lessons because her fans are so huge they deserve better acting. It is 4/5 for me! <3

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