MOVIE REVIEW: Ghostbusters (2016)

GHOSTBUSTERS (2016) Review
Directed by Paul Feig

22 years after the original Ghostbusters came out in cinemas and instantly became a classic for its inventive story and humor.But the all-female reboot of 2016 wasn’t received well when the announcement was made. Some because they dislike the actors, some, don’t want something precious be made into a circus which is weird because Ghostbusters is somehow one, and some are just tired of reboots.

But with Paul Feig helming the reboot, I thought this would be fun. From Bridesmaids and last year’s Spy, he does direct some of the best comedies of this generation.

2016’s Ghostbusters is an upgrade to the 1984 original. Not just because of the visual effects but also in story. The story is clean, fun moments every now and then which makes it an enjoyable experience and impressively utilizes the 3D in most parts. The film is a harmless remake of the original, and updates the humor with effective actors and smart dialogues. What only lacks in the film is the usual heartfelt cheesiness in most Paul Feig films.

Melissa McCarthy doesn’t get to be bullied here because of her size, Kristen Wiig uses her weird way to look awkward to great use, Kate McKinnon is a delight and Leslie Jones is hilarious. The four might not be the ideal actors to represent this generations’ Ghostbusters but they definitely deserve the parts. But what’s disappointing about the film is that it plays safe, it falls under the standard of a remake film, decently made but it’s predictable.

But with enough wit and hilarious scenes, you get to enjoy the new Ghostbusters if you’re willing to embrace them.



3.5 Stars

“Ghostbusters” is now showing in Philippine cinemas nationwide from Columbia Pictures. Also available in 3D, 4D and IMAX 3D. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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