‘Train to Busan’ Philippine Release FAQs

Here’s your guide to the Philippine release of the Korean Zombie movie “Train to Busan.

When will it open in the Philippines?

  • September 1, 2016.

Will it be just a one-day screening?

  • It depends on the audience turn out, so you have to watch it as soon as possible.

Which cinemas will screen it?

  • As of August 19, 2016 Friday, 80 cinemas nationwide have been confirmed to screen Train to Busan. We’ll post the list of cinemas as soon we have them.

Will it be subtitled? Dubbed?

  • The film will be kept in its original format: Korean with English subtitles?

How much is the ticket?

  • It will cost the same price as your regular movie ticket since it will only be available in 2D.

What is the MTRCB rating?

  • The film is rated R-16 by the “MTRCB.”

There will only be one cut released in the cinemas. The R-16 without cuts.

How long will It be in the cinemas?

  • It depends on the audience turn out as well. As long as more people are watching it, it will stay. A regular film will run for at least a week (Wednesday – Tuesday) but if it will have a poor audience count, it will be pulled out of the cinemas.


Seok-Woo (Gong Yoo) is a fund manager in Seoul. He is separated from his wife and lives with his daughter Soo-An (Kim Soo-Ahn). Seok-Woo doesn’t spend much time with his daughter or show affection to her. On the night before Soo-An’s birthday, Soo-An insists on seeing her mother for her birthday. Seok-Woo has no other choice, but to take her to Busan. Early the next morning, they board the KTX train for Busan at Seoul Station.

Before the KTX train leaves Seoul Station, a zombie like girl jumps onto the train. The girl is infected with a horrific virus that is spreading like wildfire. Seok-Woo, Soo-An and the other passengers on the KTX train must now fight for their lives.

1 Train to Busan

“Train to Busan” opens in Philippine cinemas September 1, 2016 (Thursday) from Rafaella Films.

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