Know More About Filmmaking in Yabang Pinoy’s 2-Day Forum ‘Philippine Cinema Sessions’

On September 10 to 11 at the O2 Space Solutions, Makati City, 10 respected names in the industry  will share their knowledge and experiences about filmmaking.

PH Cinema Sessions

Philippine Cinema Sessions is a two-day session where participants are offered the opportunity to grasp the ideas, techniques, and processes of the acclaimed filmmakers that make up this generation’s Philippine Cinema. Beyond the discussions with esteemed filmmakers, the session will tackle the relevance and importance of film in relation to Nationalism and Filipino Pride by showing concrete manifestations in some of the masterpieces of the speakers.

To help the participants absorb the philosophies of the people behind the films, the two-day session will be spent in an artistic yet modern confinement, after which they will be given the chance to socialize with both distinguished and fellow aspiring filmmakers.

After the two-day session, participants are expected to gain valuable insight on filmmaking as a career and an understanding of the local cinema landscape.

Here are your ten speakers for the Philippine Cinema Sessions:

Paul Soriano

1. Paul Soriano (Writer/Producer/Director)

How do directors visualize their masterpieces? How do they put their own stamp on a script? How do they work with actors?

Find out the answers from one of the country’s premier storytellers and producers, as he discusses “The Director’s Vision.”




Jun Lana

2. Jun Robles Lana (Writer/Producer/Director)

Films are both art and commerce, and they go hand in hand.

Learn how to sell your concept with the topic “Stories That Sell & The Art of Pitching” from the critically-acclaimed director and writer of Bwakaw, Barber’s Tales, Shadow Behind The Moon and Die Beautiful.





Kanakan Balintagos
3. Kanakan Balintagos (Writer/Producer/Director)

Films are not just reflections of our realities as Filipinos.
Done well, they can spark national pride and help us embrace our Filipino identity.

Be inspired by Kanakan Balintagos, one of the pioneers of Philippine independent filmmaking. The acclaimed director of Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros, Busong, and Esprit de Corps will share his insights about the topic ‘Film and Filipino Pride.’



Oggs Cruz
4. Oggs Cruz (Film Critic)

Like most art forms, film dares to take on subjects that start conversations and uncover multiple meanings.

Learn how to analyze and review films with the topic “Reel Watch: Criticism and Film Analysis” from Rappler’s renowned film critic Oggs Cruz.





Adolf Alix Jr

5. Adolf Alix, Jr. (Writer/Producer/Director)

Do filmmakers abandon their passion when they crossover to mainstream film and television or do they simply prioritize practicality?

Know how the mainstream and independent aspects of the industry intersect with the discussion on “Balancing Passion and Practicality,” to be led by independent filmmaker and television director (Bayan Ko, Mrs, 4 Days, Death March) Adolf Alix, Jr.




Alvin Yapan

6. Alvin Yapan (Writer/Producer/Director)

Filmmaking, more than an art form and a business, can be a lifelong passion and commitment.

Let Alvin Yapan, one of the country’s premier writer-directors (Debosyon, Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa, Ang Tulay Ng San Sebastian) inspire you to consider “Filmmaking as a Career,” as he shares his experience in the industry.





Gino Santos

7. Gino M. Santos (Writer/Producer/Director)

Where are we now in the state of filmmaking? Did we progress or did we remain stagnant? Learn more about the field through a discussion of ‘The Current State of Philippine Cinema.’

Having worked in both independent (#Y, Lila) and mainstream films (Ex with Benefits, Love Me Tomorrow), listen to the director Gino M. Santos as he discusses the realities of and opportunities in the industry.




Petersen Vargas
8. Petersen Vargas (Writer/Director)

Regional Cinema, or films coming from and depicting life outside Metro Manila, has gained considerable traction in recent years.

Dissect the achievements and potentials of Regional Cinema with the topic “The Importance and Non-Importance of Regional Cinema in the Philippines” from the perspective of one of the country’s emerging writer-directors, Cinemalaya 2015’s Best Director, Petersen Vargas.

As a young filmmaker himself, Petersen will also share valuable information on how to start a career in filmmaking and the struggles that young aspirants may face.

Sandino Martin
9. Sandino Martin (TV, Film and Theater Actor)

Actors are instrumental in translating the script to the screen. Discover an actor’s thoughts and methods with the topic “The Actors: Process and the Working Environment” from multi-awarded actor Sandino Martin.

Sandino starred in the films Unfriend, DAGITAB – Sparks and Ang Tulay Ng San Sebastian. He won Best Actor for the films Esprit de Corps and Ringgo: The Dog-Shooter.

Perci Intalan
10. Perci Intalan (Writer/Producer/Director)

Art is just one half of filmmaking. The other half is commerce, or knowing how to finance and distribute your masterpiece.

Know the basics of producing and film management through the topic “Script to Screen: Producing a Film,” to be discussed by Perci Intalan, the President of The Idea First Company, the director of Dementia and the producer of films such as Sleepless, Shadow Behind The Moon and Die Beautiful.

The 2-day session costs P1,995.00. You can get your tickets at,  ticket includes talks from 10 established names in the film industry, free merienda, drinks and dinner, night socials and Certificate of Participation.

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